Man Rides Lawn-Chair Balloon To Lambeau Field

Long time Wauwatosa resident and Lawn-Chair quarterback, Lawrence Biggins, was spotted floating 2500 feet above Lambeau Field Saturday. Biggins remained airborn for approximately two hours.

Upon landing, he was taken into custody by Green Bay police.After further questioning, he was quoted as saying “I told the wife that with only sixty-five days remaining until opening day, I wasn’t going to let the Pack off easy. Since my license was taken away, I had to come up with a way to travel the 129 miles to training camp so I could help coach the team.” As soon as he stood up from his chair, a gust of wind picked up what was left of his lawn-chair balloon. It was later spotted heading out towards lake Michigan. “Dang, that was my last can of beer too”, said Mr. Biggins.

Lawrence Biggins in His Lawn-chair BalloonA few hours before the practice session, Mr. Biggins proceeded to tie forty-six helium balloons to his favorite lawn chair, strap on four cases of Milwaukee’s Best and two pounds of pre-cooked bratwurst for ballast, and grab a bull horn and his .22 caliber pistol to shoot the balloons out so he could get back to earth. Throughout the interview, Mr. Biggins was fighting off hiccups “If they would have listened to me last year, we wouldn’t have been the laughing stock of the NFL.”

“Mr Biggins was told last year that he was not to come within 100 yards of Lambeau Field.” says Ray-Bob Johnson. Mr. Johnson is the chief security guard for the Packers. “We won’t be able to charge him with breaking his restraining order because he technically was more than 100 yards from the field. Maybe we can charge him with carrying a loaded weapon without a permit, or maybe indecent exposure. I don’t know…”, said Johnson.

Released from jail at the recognizance of his wife and his friend, the 41 year old auto parts clerk was contacted at home. “My friend Vern bet me a case of Ice House that it wouldn’t work,” said an obviously proud Biggins. “I guess he was wrong!. I just hope to collect my winnings before next weekend’s practice.”

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