Man In Hospital After Bathroom Emergency

Sami Davidson woke up in the Emergency Room last night after a harrowing experience in his bathroom. “I really had to go, you know… Number Two, so I went in there planning for a long haul. I have a reading rack on the wall with all kinds of material. Just about anything that you could want”, said Mr. Davidson. He entered the lower level bathroom at his residence in St Paul at approximately 7:30PM last evening.

Mr. Davidson’s Toilet“We got a call from Ms. Raign, Mr. Davidson’s girlfriend, regarding an awful smell emanating from a locked lavatory door”, says Rudy Thomas. Mr. Thomas is the founder of Rudy’s Bathroom Emergency, a company specializing in extricating bathroom users that have passed out due to the “smell”. “Ms. Raign was really concerned. She said that Mr. Davidson had been in there for over an hour. If someone spends more than Twenty minutes in the bathroom, there is reason for worry”, quotes Mr. Thomas.

Two specialists were sent in on a scouting operation. One of them nearly lost consciousness as well. “This was probably the hardest extrication that we have ever had to do”, said Jason Boight, one of the Bathroom Emergency Specialists.

Everything came to a happy ending however and Mr. Thomas’ company will be receiving a citizen citation award from the mayor next Tuesday night at the Civic Center. The Public is welcome to attend.

A fund has been set up at Nations First Bank to help Mr. Davidson with the extrication fees.

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