Red Dodge Stratus Causes Drivers Behind to Curse

Yesterday afternoon, the driver of a Red Dodge Stratus was seen behaving as if he was on a Sunday drive. He was going 7 miles per hour slower than the speed limit and causing the line of cars behind him to curse audibly.

The Red Dodge Stratus“That Stratus…. Ughh, If I could of just gotten ahead of it before that last turn, I wouldn’t be sleeping on the couch for the next week”, said Joe Barker, 34. “My wife heard me complaining about that stupid Stratus more than a mile from home.”

“Some people just need to learn how to drive”, quoted 17 year old Jack Miles. “I mean, come on, that guy was slowing us all down.”

In a comment to Squak!, James Ryan, a Metro Police officer talked about the Red Stratus. “I think that anyone that owns a Red Stratus should be on the lookout because it will be ‘Hammer Time’! I will be giving a ticket to every one of them.”

The Metro Police also asked that we warn all drivers, regardless if they are driving a Red Stratus or not, to be aware that Officers will be cracking down on left turns. If there is traffic behind you, do not cause traffic to stop by turning left.

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