Red Baron Also Charged With Illegal Dogfighting

Hot on the heals of Falcon’s player Michael Vick’s indictment, A federal grand jury posthumously indicted Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen, accusing him of taking part in a well-established dogfighting operation. You may also know von Richthofen as the Red Baron, the most successful flying ace of World War I. He was credited with 80 confirmed air combat victories, or “dog fights”.

The Red Baron“The Baron should be held accountable for all of the horrendous dealings he had in the dog fights of the early twentieth century”, claims federal prosecutor George Mays. “He is the most well known dog fighter in history.”

Since he has been dead for so long, legal assistants will be searching birth records for any living relatives with the intent of prosecuting them instead. “We may have to implement extradition proceedings because we don’t know for sure if his living relatives are in the US”, said Mays.

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