Man Lost in “Forest Lake Oblong”

A Washington Man disappeared in the Forest Lake Oblong this past Thursday. “His whereabouts are completely unknown”, said Forest Lake police officer, Richard Hammond. “We have had spotter planes up crisscrossing the oblong all night.”

The Forest Lake OblongThe last person to see 38 year old William Jones, was his sister, Rita, with whom he was visiting. “He came to visit us from Tacoma last week. He said he was going to go out for a drive. See, he loves the outdoors. He hunts and fishes all the time”, said a distraught Rita. “If he could, he would be fishing every day of his life.”

The last person that was lost in the Forest Lake Oblong that was actually later found alive was 57 year old Harold Baker in the winter of 2006. He currently resides at the state hospital, spending his time blabbering things about “outdoors” and geese and mountains. He has been observed acting out the physical aspects of fly fishing and hunting.

Officials think he may have become confused and had to stay overnight in the Gander Mountain.

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