Chinese Court Overturns Car

The Central Court of China overturned a car on Tuesday. The car, a 15 year old Datsun had successfully been given guardianship of itself in a previous suit. The suit alleged that the Datsun’s factory was no longer fulfilling a role in its life and that it shouldn’t have to have a guardian’s permission to smoke.

overturned-car.jpg“The verdict was such a shock”, said Li Hi Bui, 23, the car’s driver. “I was hoping that the Central Court would uphold the lower court’s decision to allow it to smoke whenever it wants to. Now we have to do it in secret.”

The car and driver were arrested last year at a race track idling near the starting line. The car had just finished smoking its tires when the police arrived.

The crowd reaction was so full of anger that after the car was overturned, the police officers had to take cover behind their riot shields.

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