Young Boy Dreams of Becoming a Tuba Hero

With all the ruckus about Guitar Hero going on in the main stream media, young Humphrey Anderson from Hugo has dreams to become a tuba hero.  “It all started last year when he played that guitar game on his playstation”, says Humphrey’s mom Vickie. “He thought it was cool, but it wasn’t as cool as it could be.”

tuba-hero.png “I thought it would be way cooler to have a tuba!” said 9 year old Humphrey.  “He evidently feels that the game could be the same, but with a  more brass edge”, says Vickie.  “It would be an interesting idea.”

The family evidently thinks it is such a good idea that they are applying for a patent so that when it does get made eventually, they will be able to take the maker to the cleaners.

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