RIAA Mistakenly Has Itself Arrested

In a recent federal lawsuit against a file sharer, the Recording Industry Association of America has alleged itself of downloading copyrighted music.  The Recording Industry uses Media Sentry to monitor the internet of infringing music.  The company is “able to identify hundreds of instances of infringement on a daily basis,” according to RIAA spokeswoman Cara Duckworth.  “We run hundreds of copies of Limewire on our computers in the Media Sentry offices. They download terabytes of illegal music each day.”

“Never have we seen such widespread piracy as that of Media Sentry”, said Duckworth.  “They are so far above the level of the average college kid that it is almost unbelievable.”  The recent court summons and arrest of the entire company was heralded as a huge success.  “We cought them red-handed”, said Treasury Department Agent, Willard Sott.  “There were over a hundred people and computers there.  We are proud to say that we really got them and none escaped!”

“We chalk this up to a great victory.  We are making the internet safe once again!”, said a triumphant Duckworth.

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