Osama Tells Google Maps to Keep Out

Osama Bin Laden’s private camp, with private roads may be the second “city” to ask that street images be removed.

“You can look at almost anything on Google. Just don’t try to take a look at my private community”, says Bin Laden.  “I would like to have my right to privacy!”.

Bin Laden’s camp has demanded that Google Maps remove images of his cave complex from the website’s Street View feature, where any Internet user can catch a glimpse of them from the nearest road.

Since the introduction of Google Maps’ Street View in the spring of 2007, the feature has caused controversy in several cities and with the U.S. federal government. The Pentagon banned Google Maps from taking any images of military facilities, and a Pittsburgh couple sued the company over images of their home taken from the private road in front of their house.  North Oaks was the first city to ask Google to remove street images.

It is unknown if Google has shared the information on the whereabouts of Bin Laden with any members of the military.

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