Olympics BSOD Act of Terrorism!

China’s Olympic games opening ceremonies witnessed the dreaded “Blue Screen of Death”, or BSOD this past Friday.

“It was terrifying!”, said witness, Hong Bo. “We literally thought that the world was ending.”

“The terrorist attack was abutted before it was able to get any further”, a China National Police spokesman said on Saturday. “The attack lasted for just over an hour before we were able to destroy the intruders.”

We contacted a noted computer specialist, S. Bauer, who said that “Like any Windows admin knows, this was a serious blow to the Chinese infrastructure. If it would was successful, it could have disabled every computer attached to the internet in such a way as to make it look like China killed them.” Bauer went on to say “The only question I have is why didn’t the operator notice that the Windows startup bar was running sluggish? That is the first thing any good admin will see as evidence of a problem.”

There you have it folks. It looks like a major internet disaster was stopped just short of happening.

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