Google Debuts the CR-49 Notebook

Hot on the heels of the CR-48 “Mario” Chromebook, Google has announced the CR-49 “Luigi” Chromebook”

The benefit of the CR-49″‘ says Google’s Everhardt Schlid, “is that the whole internet is on this laptop. The whole thing, all of it.” Later Schlid went on to say that “A CR-49 user won’t need a data account because we have packed the whole internet on this little laptop.”

It is unknown how many CR-49’s are in production or what the cost will be. However, if it is anything like the CR-48, they just might be given out for free.

New Goverment Department Created

The Department of Unintended Consequences was created by Presidential Order today. President Barrack Obama decided that since he created a monumental screw-up by socializing too much in the United States this past year, he better create a division that will study the results of those colossal failures.

“It is a good thing he is smart enough to know when he screwed up”, said Representative Alaska, “I just wish he was smart enough to fix it and get us back in the black”.

Nintendo’s New Handheld is Pirate Proof!

3dsLast week at E3 Nintendo announced the new Nintendo 3DS. It has been touted as the only console that is truly “Pirate Proof” due to its incredible new 3D technology. “The 3DS now has two separate view ports, on the same screen, one for each eye”, says Ichiri Natgonago, a Nintento Booth Bachelor. “The system is the first console to be guaranteed pirate proof because it doesn’t work with an eye patch!”

We don’t know how well this will work, but it shows promise!