Boy Selected as Ladies Man USA

Ladies Man USA5 year old Adam Maxx was selected as this years Ladies Man USA. Alaine Maxx, Adam’s mother was ecstatically shouting after the announcement. “I always new he would be a ladies man when he got older. I mean, look at his dad! He’s going to be a real catch some day.”

The competition was narrowed down over the last few months, making last nights victory that much more exciting. Most of Adam’s family was there to see the final show down. Stephen, Adam’s dad was quoted as saying “That’s my boy!”, and grandma Maxx immediately grabbed Adam’s chubby little cheeks after the win. Adam beat out 32 year old Ricardo de Leopold, who was the initial favorite.

Ladies Man Award

It appeared that the judges decided the winner during the talent portion of the show. Ricardo sang “I wanna B Ur Lover”, by Weird Al Yankovic and Adam went around asking everyone to “Pull my finger”. At first, nobody would, so he pulled it himself.

Adam likes to play hockey, play video games, and read. That’s right ladies, he likes to read.


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