MS No Longer Thinks “Animal Names” Childish

For the last few years, Apple, Inc has been using animal names in its major operating systems. Hot on the heals of the latests release, Leopard, Microsoft announced a new naming scheme of its own. “I really think the new names for our operating systems will give excellent insight to our customers”, said Rajip Paleel, Operating Systems spokesperson for Microsoft. “It will be much easier to understand than say, Windows Vista or Windows XP, or even Windows 2000! What the heck is an ‘XP’ anyway?”

Microsoft Pig (ETA 2017)The new release, called Microsoft Pig 2017 is expected to be available within 10 years. “With over a billion man-hours of code, almost a half billion lines, we will be able to put almost everything that we want to put in there. We will have over three thousand DRM technologies, sixty-thousand clip art characters for our users to choose from, and complete customer lock-in! And the best part is that it will be be done by 2017!”, said Oliver Wilson, the Microsoft Pig 2017 Project Manager.

If anything, we can expect great things from the company that brought us Windows Vista. “With ‘Pig’, we can guarantee that all of your extra hardware resources will be non-existent”, promises Paleel. “It will truly be a resource-hog.”

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